Champagne and Sunshine

February 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Iowa City has been stuck in a gloomy, fog of cold weather and grey days but Sunday felt like spring might be coming early. 

I set up an informal shoot with my friend Cat Summers and invited our friend Keara to join in on the fun. She was so kind to invite us to her house for a hangout/photoshoot session and everything about this day was absolute perfection.

I was in awe and completely envious at the same time when walking into a friend's apartment for the first time and see that it looks like it was featured in the last Anthropologie catalog. Windows throughout her bright, white and airy apartment were open to let in the fresh aromas from the outdoors.

Coming from the speakers was French music making me feel like I was back in Paris - all we needed were some macarroons and coffee. To substitute for the coffee I brought champagne and a bouquet of fresh, white flowers for Cat to enjoy. I am so in love with some of the images I captured of this lovely moment. I think that's what I love most about being a photographer - you see something so perfect and only you're able to capture the moment but now everyone can see it and feel it. Can't you almost smell the flowers from this photo? 


A little while later my darling friend, Keara, walks in the door and it's a party. 

We pop some champagne, snack on some goodie's from Lucky's Market and enjoy each other's company while I photograph what a wonderful time we were having. It's amazing what some sunlight, champagne, and laughter can do for your soul.


I felt the need to write about this day because it has been a while since feeling this calm and happy. It can be hard to always stay happy and cheery when you can't spend your days exploring the outdoors or traveling to new places. I actually feel as though I could taste the crisp outside air and it made me so very happy and gave me hope for the coming of warmer months ahead. 


Cat's vintage and bohemian vibe is on point with everything of her own and even the way she presents herself. She's a beautiful soul and can't wait to keep working with her.

Check out more photos from this gorgeous day in the album Cat Summers.


Stephanie a. Sunberg


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