Back Across the Pond

July 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Finally made my way back over the pond to my favorite continent. First stop: London Town! W59B0010W59B0010

It started off as a long journey having to drive all of the way to Chicago from Iowa City after not realizing there were no direct flights to ORD from CID, and if you are a non-rev then you will understand my stupidity with this one. I normally fly non-rev but wanted a confirmed seat this time around (totally regretting not having taken a chance because there are 10 open seats on the same flight - and in First Class). So here I drove 5 hours in awful traffic to get to ORD, then have to pay for parking, and then my 10:20PM redeye gets delayed... Lovely.

Another side note - don't fly a redeye thinking it will help you get on your destination's schedule. I think it did the exact opposite. 

Not to start this blog post off on the negative end but I'm realizing I was not fully prepared for everything this time around, shame on me. 

Once I arrived to LHR I took the tube to meet with my roomie from college. It was SO GREAT seeing her face again, especially in London where she's totally killin' it! 


She took me to the cutest little cafe after arriving to her dorm room called Eat, Shop, Do. I wanted to move into this place. White walls, wood floors, eclectic tables and kitchen ware. Bright pops of color from teapots and tea cups to cake stands. So sweet. 


This decor was the sweetest!


Ladies were there enjoying tea and cakes along with making flower crowns and playing board games.


Also the food was quite tasty. I wasn't sure to get while in London but I have read that Indian food is the way to go, so I ordered the only indian inspired item on the menu and was not disappointed! 


And so the people watching and street photography begins! 


It was more than a long day for me so I pretty much called it 'a day' after that. I went back to Mal's dorm and slept for a puny four hours before another long day of adventures. 






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