Pompeii in 35mm

August 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's officially been a month since returning from what felt more like home than anywhere else, Italy. For three months I lived, I photographed, and  I fell in love.

It's time to start sharing my stories. 

I plan to make a printed zine for those of you interested in physically possessing these memories to keep on the coffee table or to adorn a perfectly cluttered bookshelf. 

I did myself the biggest favor this trip overseas and packed up a bag full of film for my few months of meandering. During the month of May I spent all month in the Amalfi Coast region, mainly Positano,. This time around I finally made it to Pompeii after bypassing it the last time was here a few years ago. I will post another blog with my digital photographs but for now I'd like to share only film to separate the two. Especially since I shoot film differently than I shoot digitally. 

I never expected to see so much life taking over the ruins that were Pompeii. The poppies were flourishing in the sun and the heat, looking like fields of fire.

We spent an entire day getting lost in the city. You can't help but to enter every building and home and try to imagine living in this place. I can only imagine it being paradise before it turned into Hell. 





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