Dog Days of Summer

September 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cherries were down to $1.25 a pound, the outside air was still dense and sticky but you could feel the temperatures starting to drop day by day. Little reminders that Summer is making it's rounds to saying it's final goodbyes to leave us all again for another calendar year. So Erin and I did what two midwestern bambinis would do, poured ourselves a little Campari to cheers to the end of another an era together, being that this would probably be the last Summer day spent together in the town we called home for the last two years: Iowa City.

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Blessed by Lana Del Rey's new album the mood was set to do what we do best, turning daydreams into photographs.

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It always takes a moment to warm up to you.

I forget how much i missed you

and just like that

I fall for you, convinced it's forever.

You start to fade away

a little more each day

the breeze creeps through the window

digging for the sheets at the foot of the bed

I pray for more days to dance with you, Summer.


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"It took thirteen beaches to find one empty
But finally it's mine
With dripping peaches
I'm camera ready
Almost all the time" - 13 Beaches, Lana del Rey
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And so we say our final goodbyes to this season with a clink of the glasses, never to forget the magic that was created. 

Until next time,  Summer.





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