A Visit to Vis, Croatia

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Croatia: From the island of Vis to Splitko


A true escape like none other. The island banned public visitation from 1950-89 closing it off as a Yugoslavian army base, in turn preserving the island from being overtaken by tourists, and even after almost thirty years it still feels pure and untouched. Home to the astounding Fort George that has now been transformed into a beautiful restaurant and venue, we pushed our luck to sneak in for the closing party of Yacht Week Official. Insanity... as was the hangover.

We spent our days walking from one side of the island to the other following the sun, wet in our swimsuits. Riding bikes, pedaling at high gear to burn off the risotto both Caroline and I consumed on a daily basis. The abundance of fruit kept our bodies happy. Every morning along the port was a small farmers market where we'd take our pick of grapes, berries, oranges, or pears. Tying the bag of fruit I'd purchase to my bike handle, I tried to balance a beach bag on the other bike handle, luckily only losing a grape or five along each trip across the port. Found out I was a bit more coordinated than I thought. 

We'd spot out a corner to lay, Caroline and I taking turns choosing music to play. Hearing the children teasing one another, only the lightest of waves bumping into the stone ports where we'd find a corner to lay. The water felt as warm as a thermal bath. For a Summer in Croatia this was all there was to do on the island and we were more than content with it.  

About a two hour boat ride to Split, we spent a only two days exploring, taking a boat tour all day for one to a secluded island of more snorkeling and sunbathing, followed by more risotto. 

You will find that Croatia, no matter where you are, has an enchanting golden glow to everything. There was truly gold in the air, and luckily enough I think I was able to capture it.


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