Hinterland Music Festival in 35mm

January 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

There are very few things in the world that will make you feel forever young, musical festivals being one of them.

In August I traveled back down to Iowa to see an old friend, Elissa, whom I hadn't seen since we parted ways in Viterbo, Italy. She, in fact, being the reason I went to Viterbo in the first place. A night of gin & tonics subsided with all night reminiscing. The next morning we were up late with a slight hangover but ready to take on the first day of Hinterland Music Festival. The stage was set in a valley and the sunset was divine. So much dust in the air from the dry end of Summer gave all of my photographs this dreamy haze. 

Of course, we see Jonah, as always! We ran around all of Golden Hour snapping portraits of Festi-goers and held beers for one another when we needed to jump on a moment. As the hour dwindled down on came The Head and the Heart where we sang along the entire show and made friends with the group in front of us. They probably didn't remember us the next day, but that's alright, because I captured a couple in the group having a real moment in love. 

The lineup was superb for being in the middle of nowhere Iowa with performers like Annalibera, Foxygen, and Alt-J. If you EVER get the chance to see Alt-J perform, don't miss it. They will be back again this year at Hinterland 2018, along with Gary Clark Jr., Shakey Graves, and Ryan Adams. Sadly, my film ran out at the end of The Head and the Heart but that's alright. I took in every moment sans camera or phone to be fully present. So, here's what I captured with a 35mm roll of Kodak Gold 200...



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I'll make you mine

'Cause I need 
Healin' for a hollow wound
With room for two

I will sing as your canary bird
Take my soul and bury it in the earth
I will sing as your canary bird
Oh yes I will"

- The Head and the Heart


Jeffrey Worden(non-registered)
I'm a recent admirer of your work, through Instagram. I am enamored by your love of vintage/nostalgia, that you like using film and the composition and texture of your photos. I am an amateur but have been at it for many years. My dad had a darkroom in his half bath in the late 70s when I began dabbling. the US Navy provided some instruction in some techniques. just a brief intro
Your new Fanboy
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