Old York vs. New York

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Four years ago I was living in New York City as a fashion intern in the heart of the Fashion District. I worked for a couture designer by the name of Maggie Norris. Crammed in a tiny office piled high with garments, sketches, photographs, and magazines alongside three other interns on 34th and 8th Ave. We ran all over the city for fabric swatches, coffee, set up appointments, helped with client fittings, and watched how couture is created form start to finish. I roomed in a lofted studio with four other girls and slept under the staircase on a blowup mattress for $600+ a month in FiDi. It was awesome.

That first time around of being in the city made me hate it and love it all at the same time but in the end I left with a bad taste in my mouth due to my time spent in the fashion industry. The whole idea of having to climb over the next intern to make it to the top of the bottom of the food chain just to earn some sort of wage, doing work that in the end is detrimental to the environment and society as a whole was not what I wanted to do after my internship was nearing its end. I went back to University with one year left and already having made up my mind that I didn't want to pursue Textile and Apparel Management anymore. I did not want to be a buyer. I did not want to be a merchandiser. I wanted me to make something in the fashion with my own two hands that weren't garments or accessories, so what next? Art. Because in the end fashion is art.

Fast forward to November, 2017, my good friend, Jonah, finds me going through a rough patch, so he tells me to join him on a trip back to New York for a week. He knew exactly what I needed. To get me out with my camera again. We spent the week going back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan just about every day with our cameras in hand, always ready for the shot. Coming back to New York, something had changed for me about it. It was so much better than the last time I was there. I suddenly found myself liking the rush and crowds. The noise didn't bother me anymore. The light was spectacular at almost any hour of the day. The people more interesting. I'd sit on a street corner and shoot all of the people that would walk by, moving on once my fingers got too cold. I just couldn't get enough.

Now knowing what I want to pursue wholeheartedly, the city is where I need to be again, so just like that I made up my mind. I am moving back to New York City, as a photographer. I got the chance to meet some inspiring people, many of them being creatives succeeding in the city made me realize it was completely doable surviving in New York as an artist. There are endless amounts of opportunities there that we just can't come across in the Midwest. I hope to be out East by the end of the year resuming my life as a city girl again. 

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I hope to get back to NYC a couple more times in 2018, so if you're there and would like to book a portrait session, engagement shoot, or just meet for coffee and drinks, reach out!




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