Snapshots From Nayarit, Mexico

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Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

About twenty minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport you'll find this quaint little beach town lined with amazing restaurants, street food, markets, dancing, and music. During the day the town center seems to be asleep with most shops closed and patrons most likely prepping for the night. However, those lucky enough to be experiencing the town for holiday are settled on the beach with a margarita and ceviche to tie them over before dinner. Once dinner time arrives the restaurants fill up quick as you smell sizzling, fresh caught fish, handmade tortillas, and spices radiate from the kitchens. After dinner we'd dance off our calories and then consume them again via the crepe lady. 

About twenty minutes further north is a surf town called Punta de Mita where I'd highly recommend getting surf lessons from the surfers at Tranquilo Surf. I was lucky enough to get Gordo ;) He was the cutest and got me to stand for the very first wave. After your body has taken a beating and you can't paddle the water any longer go get tacos at the mercado up the hill. Literally, if you ask anyone there what that means they will point you in the right direction. I can't wait to go back again soon. I know there is so much more to explore in Mexico. Growing up there I didn't see it the way I do now. I took it for granted, no doubt, and of course having a camera in hand makes you see the world differently. I want to get to know my beloved Mexico again from behind the lens one day soon.


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